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Land-J Technologies specializes in application software development for the PalmOS Platform.  To view our product lineup click the 'PalmOS Apps' button on the left side of the screen.  

Company Profile and History

Land-J Technologies was founded in 1992 originally as a Windows platform development company.  With the release of the original Palm 1000 unit in 1996, we were basically hooked from the beginning. Since that time, Land-J Technologies has focused exclusively on application development associated with the PalmOS Platform of products, from the original Palm 1000 units to the current day models such as the Palm V, VII, and new Visor models from Handspring.

Quotes from some of our customers:

"Thanks again for the many great improvements in your program and the detailed response to my suggestions. I am very impressed by the increase in speed of the sort and filter functions! I use your program virtually every day."

"JFile is really invaluable for me and I'm very satisfied to see you are continually upgrading it. And I appreciate a lot your kindness toward the registered users; if only some multimillion dollars mega companies do the same... !"

"You have made the whole process of developing the [application] a breeze ... I thank you for the quality work and the timeliness. I sent you the specification on April 6 and here we are, done on May 12. Truly outstanding!"

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